Having skilled, competent baristas operating the machine is crucial to the café’s success. Having unskilled
staff serving below average coffee is the quickest way to destroy the cafés reputation and general business
Our espresso training is tailored to the needs of café operators, and includes “introductory” training for
beginners and focused training for more accomplished coffee makers.
Training is not a one off event – it’s an ongoing process – in successful cafes it is embedded into the
business culture.
There are many factors which must all be prepared well to ensure you customers return for your great
 Fresh
Freshly roasted coffee will remain usable for up to 9 days, provided the beans are kept dry, cool and
away from the light. Always grind the coffee just before use and don’t grind and fill your doser unit,
as ground coffee will lose its vitality very quickly.
 Clean
Coffee should be treated like any food. Everything that comes in contact with it and the coffee
machine must be clean
 Hot
Water, milk, group head, handles and cup should be hot
 Fast
Preparing coffee with efficient, careful speed ensures it is served to your customers whilst fresh, hot
& delicious
 Consistent
Your customers will return for your great coffee when it is made well, served fast and hot, prepared
using the same recipe and presented the same way – every time – regardless of who is making it!