Professional Diploma in Hotel Management


This course provides instructions to the students in hotel operations, food and beverage management and
hospitality administration. Through the use of lecture, fieldwork, case studies and practical applications
students will gain insight into management and operations in the dynamic field. This course also helps
students to gain experience in accounting, cost control, marketing and business communications.
The mission is to equip students with the essential hotel management skills, to work efficiently & effectively
in the hospitality industry as skilled hotel managers & skilled kitchen assistants & servers.
The vision is to prepare hotel management artisans with the procurement, preparation , presentation of
good food & proper management.
This curriculum is design to provide students with the basic skills and knowledge they need to succeed in
a field of Hospitality industry. The primary focus of the diploma is on Hotel Management development with
additional coursework in basic Hotel management. So, the graduates will have a well-rounded
understanding of the industry that will increase their employability.
Upon successful completion of the professional Diploma in Hotel Management with a concentration, the
student will be able to:

Demonstrate the knowledge and skills of basic hospitality, food service management principles.
Identify and analyze food and beverage products, including product identification and
Demonstrate the ability to accurately produce a food production plan, prepare food items, garnish
and display items for small and large volume food production.
 Design and analyze menus for foodservice operations.
 Prepare and present food professionally
 Demonstrate the knowledge of front office operation of the major types of lodging properties.

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